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In the Grand Cellar, which was opened in 1913 and is located directly under the Mädler-Passage. The large room, characterized by columns and niches, can accommodate up to 500 guests. The chef's focus is on classic Saxon dishes, with a selection of international dishes completing the seasonally changing menu.


    The Grand Cellar was opened in 1913 and is located directly beneath the Mädler Passage. The large space, characterized by columns and niches, can accommodate up to 500 guests. The kitchen chef's focus is on traditional Saxon dishes, with a selection of international cuisine to complement the seasonally changing menu.


    In our restaurant, you will be treated to the finest classics of local cuisine. Popular recipes from Saxony are created and prepared using products from regional suppliers.


    Our team consists of 60 dedicated employees who passionately take care of the well-being of our guests. Friendliness and internationality are natural for us. We attach great importance to making our guests feel comfortable and have an unforgettable time with us.

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To enjoy like Goethe once did in Leipzig

In 1525, the renowned physician and philosopher Dr. Heinrich Stromer von Auerbach (1482-1542) started serving wine to students in the wine cellar of his house on Grimmaische Gasse in Leipzig, marking the beginning of Auerbachs Keller's extraordinary success story. Since then, many different innkeepers have made this convivial tavern what it has always been and still is today: a globally recognized symbol of the city of Leipzig!

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Räumlichkeiten für Reisegruppen und besondere Anlässe

The two salons, Helena and Anton Mädler, offer a rather romantic and intimate atmosphere. Here, smaller groups can enjoy a culinary experience by candlelight, at a beautifully set table. Wedding parties often choose to celebrate in these salons to ensure that this special occasion remains unforgettable.

In the entrance area to the Großer Keller, you will find our souvenir shop and event office. Here, you can book guided tours and reserve tables, as well as collect your event tickets or purchase vouchers. Many offers can also be found in our online shop.

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Gastronomic offerings from the Auerbachs Keller
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