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Probably the most famous guest of Auerbachs Keller, Goethe is honoured with the gothic vaulted "Goethe-Keller". There are numerous references to the establishment in both Faust and his letters. His favourite seat remains unknown, however, which means that every guests can believe that they are sitting in his former place.

Today, numerous pictures and documents on the walls also bear witness to Goethe and other famous visitors to Auerbachs Keller.

The semi-circular paintings executed in 1625 by Andreas Bretschneider are among the most famous exhibits of metropolitan and cultural significance in the "Goethe-Keller". The landlord at the time, Johann Vetzer, needed proof that the famous tale had its origins in Auerbachs Keller. He therefore had the barrel ride and carousing students scene painted and the date put back by one hundred years.

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